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Culinary Excursions & Wine Tours

Both quality and quantity are a feature of the wines from Veneto. After Sicily and Apulia, the Veneto ranks third in wine volume production. From dry white wines like the famous Soave to bubbly Prosecco, Veneto offers a taste for all palates. The unique and characteristic red wine Amarone, for instance, is a treat for those who appreciate concentrated flavors and depth of both taste and texture.

  • Our scheduled culinary tours...

  • Ccolli EuganeiEuganean Wine Tour
    Excursion in the near Euganean Hills to find out an ancient winery and have a wine tasting.
    Half or Full day - On demand

  • Escursione Ville del BrentaBagnoli Wine Tastinging Tour
    Excursion in the near Dominio di Bagnoli an old winery. Here you'll find out the Friularo a native grape used to produce a very special passito.
    Half day - On Tuesdays. Included in the price of the 3 days culinary program.

  • Pesca in mareChioggia Fish Market
    Chioggia is a city with historical origins coming from the Roman Age, called “ The little Venice” because, like the famous one, it is immersed between sky and lagoon.
    Half day - On Thursdays. Included in the price in the 5-days program

  • Salami tour & tasting
    Visit to a farm near Ferrara to discover the process of making the local salami. At the end of the visit, salami and wine tasting with our Sommelier.
    Half day - Included in the price of the 3 and 5 day culinary program.

Some of these excursions are included in the price of the 4-Day Cooking Course, others in the 6-Day Program.

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