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Message: Outstanding Cooking Lesson

Name: A.Beraskow.
From: Ottawa, Canada
Message: Outstanding Cooking Lesson
Recently 8 friends and I took a one day cooking lesson in the Venice (Italy) area. The session was simply outstanding.

Maria (Contessa Maria Giustiniani) along with her 3 assistants, working in a professional kitchen, had developed a very extensive menu. We all participated, moving from workstation to workstation on a rotation basis, learning the subtleties as we kneaded pasta, made “bread” other contorni (vegetables), and 2 desserts.
Her approach was highly effective as we worked with real cooks, who were experienced in traditional Italian cooking. We were able to ask questions and get forthright answers (no pretence).
Following the 4 hour lesson we all sat down to a marvellous lunch, set in an outstanding location – an old villa, full of charm. Contessa Maria was amazing: patrician in form but very down to earth in delivery.
In addition she had a sommelier present a series of wines throughout our lunch. The sommelier was very knowledgeable about wines. (No wines were offered or promoted for subsequent purchase).
The session was the best we had (of 5 during 4 weeks stay in Italy). It was very informative – a wonderful learning experience - as it was fun, all made better by the location and the Contessa’a charm and grace. Read more

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